Delve into the creative process that led to the birth of Vanguard ZA, a brand that redefines streetwear culture with its disruptive ethos and fearless attitude. Discover how our collaboration sparked the creation of garments that challenge conventions, ignite conversations, and empower individuals to express their unique identities.


Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the ethos of Vanguard ZA and fully understand their vision for redefining streetwear culture. We engaged in extensive discussions with the Vanguard ZA team, delving deep into their brand identity, target audience, and aspirations for the future.


Conceptualization and Strategy

Armed with insights and inspiration, our team of creative minds set to work conceptualizing a strategy to bring the Vanguard ZA vision to life. We brainstormed ideas, sketched concepts, and explored innovative approaches to capturing the essence of the brand’s disruptive spirit.


The collaborative efforts between Leru Media and Vanguard ZA have not only resulted in the creation of a brand but also sparked a movement. Through our partnership, we have redefined the boundaries of streetwear culture, challenged conventional norms, and empowered individuals to embrace their unique identities.